Recommended car navigation system in Oslo, Norway (Question-Answer)

Q: Hi all, I’ll be moving around various parts of Norway over long distances in search of the best opera. I could find all my destinations on Google Map and have already marked and saved them in my Google account. My question is, is Google Map reliable for navigating in Norway, as compared to Hertz NeverLost or other paid Android navigation apps? What advantage would systems like NeverLost give me if I rent it?


Very little and would probably end up costing more than buying a GPS in Norway. I think cheapest versions cost around NOK 700, with occasional special deals even cheaper (Example: Garmin DriveSmart 55). Or just buy the Scandinavian map for your home GPS at about the same price. GPS is great for finding your way around in towns, but always check you route on a map – especially if you want to take specific tourist routes. Be suspicious if the GPS is not following signposted routes – back country roads can look shorter but may be very slow to drive.

You’ll probably find GoogleMaps or other apps just as useful if you plan the route the evening before on hotel WiFi, otherwise data roaming charges would be high.


A GPS is a good help in towns or out in the countryside. The two most commonly used in Norway is Garmin or TomTom. Both gets good reviews. I use my Garmin every time I start the engine, and I bring it when I go abroad in case I will rent a car during the holydays. A TomTom app may also be downloaded to smart-phones, but I suspect they use data-roaming, making it expensive to use.

In addition to finding your way, the GPS calculates distance to destination and estimated time of arrival. It shows the cars speed more accurate than the cars speedometer, it reminds you of the actual speed-limit, and it warns of oncoming speed-cameras. When driving on a well sign-posted highway you always know the distance to the next junction or turn-around. When you get lost or feel insecure, which you always will, it helps you out of it. I suspect people saying “stick to paper maps” have never used anything else. But for planning the paper maps are un-beaten.